Shared Housing

A small white cottage, one of our supporting housing homes.

Shared Housing is a great option for individuals living with a mental illness who need safe, affordable housing, as well as ongoing professional mental health support. We currently provide a variety of shared housing options at 21 locations across Minneapolis suburbs in Hennepin County.

Shared housing are single family homes that provide shared living arrangements. People have their own bedroom and share the rest of the house with roommates. Most locations are close to public transportation to support the independence of our residents.

The defining component of shared housing is ongoing support. Customized support is provided by our Mental Health Housing Support staff. Support strategies are focused on helping people become active members of their community as well as assisting people in recovery goals.

Tenants’ rent depends on their income and placement. We have GRH, subsidized, or low-income market rate units. Rental subsidies, including Section 8 certificates, can be used to make up the difference between an individual’s resources and the current rent. Subsidies for rent are provided by H.U.D. and other funding sources. Priority is given to individuals who are homeless.

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Have questions about this service? Contact the Associate Director of Mental Health Services, Michele McGee at 612-362-4436 or

If you’d like to make a referral, you can Download Shared Housing App here. Fax your completed form to the attention of Michele McGee at 612-547-0556. More About Individualized Housing

Have questions about this service? Contact the Housing Specialist, Jolie McKenna at 612-362-4460 or If you’d like to apply, download individualized-housing-application here (PDF). Fax your completed form to the attention of Jolie McKenna at 612-547-0556, scan and email application to or snail mail to 1600 Broadway Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413. There is no charge for applying.