CIP Summer Social – July 25th

Please join us for a night at the Yacht Club! This will be an opportunity to learn a little more about Community Involvement Programs (CIP) and the people who make it such a great organization. Proceeds will support the CIP's programs in the Twin Cities Metro and in Pine County, MN that are supporting people [...]

Workshop on Supporting My Own Sexual Health

Community Involvement Programs and The MN Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities PRESENT: SUPPORTING MY OWN SEXUAL HEALTH: HOW TO BE SAFE, HEALTHY AND HAPPY IN MY RELATIONSHIPS This free 3 hour workshop, led by Katie Thune** will lead participants to: Gain skills and confidence in navigating personal and close relationships Identify healthy and unhealthy behaviors [...]

Logo of CQL, the Council for Quality and Leadership

CIP is Proud to Announce it has Received CQL Accreditation

Community Involvement Programs is incredibly honored to be able to announce that we have just received our accreditation from the Council for Quality and Leadership today! CQL is a leader in working with human service organizations to help strive for more quality services and quality of life. This represents thousands of hours of work by [...]

Medicaid or Medicare…what’s the difference and why should I care?

Many people do not know the difference between Medicaid and Medicare and simply consider them “entitlement programs”. There are a great number of people who CIP serve that utilize the Medicaid program to pay for their services. Medicaid is more than a health care program. It is a life-giving program. It's not about just health [...]

A PDF with details on the event.

CIP Spring Social is Coming – April 24th, 2017

Come and get to know Community Involvement Programs and how we help people live their greatest lives. There will be fabulous craft beer, good food and conversation, and games to play including Fowling - a new game combining football, horseshoes and bowling. Proceeds will support the CIP Participant Fund which helps the people we serve [...]