For Scott, Success is Sweet

Scott smiles while he stands next to his ice cream machine.It’s not everyday you meet a 23-year-old entrepreneur. And though Scott didn’t necessarily set out to become an entrepreneur, which is certainly not to say that he isn’t super hard working and driven, sometimes things just come together in the most organic way possible.

For Scott, the past few years have been a steady climb toward success, and all of us at CIP couldn’t be prouder of seeing him make his own way. After graduating from a transition program in 2001, Scott and his mother toured many programs in the Twin Cities Metro area, looking for an organization that emphasized social capital and equal-wage employment advocacy.

Having graduated from Transition Plus with a Serve Safe certificate, Scott was in a good place to find a job working in the restaurant industry. Working with his employment consultant, and exploring the Discovery Process, Scott landed his first gig a local Minneapolis bakery, and so began his journey in the world of culinary arts. When Scott was ready for a change of scenery, the universe was also on board…

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