In the comfort of his own home, Sam sits at his desk typing away at his computer. He’s not surfing the web or checking Facebook. He’s at work. For some people, working from home or telecommuting, is an ideal situation. As the number of people working remotely continues to increase, employees like Sam are realizing the benefits!

One of the most obvious benefits of the at-home work environment is the amount of flexibility it allows.  Employees have the ability to work at times of the day that are convenient for them and their employers. In addition, many people who telecommute appreciate the decreased need for traveling–and transportation can be one of the biggest work-related challenges faced by people with disabilities. Finally, telecommuting also enables employees to creatively address some of the other difficulties that may be faced as the result of having a disability. For example, email, text messages, or instant messaging allows people with hearing or speech impairments to effectively connect and communicate with their co-workers.

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