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CIP is the leader in helping people with disabilities become employed. CIP assures that all the people we serve earn minimum to prevailing wages!

We are the Employment Services branch of Community Involvement Programs. We help people with disabilities connect with and find opportunities within their communities through providing assistance in finding and maintaining employment. Our discovery-based employment process finds the right match for each individual to a job in which they can use their skills, learn new ones, and expand their horizons.

Because of this commitment, people seeking CIP’s services do not need to go through the Federal Government’s WIOA, Section 511 process.


Jerry LeVasseur
Director of Employment Services
Office: 612-353-4595
Cell: 651-216-7337


Our Employment Process

Job Discovery

Everyone has unique strengths and talents. Our certified employment specialists take the time to really learn them and then match you with a business seeking those strengths and talents.

Personal Empowerment

Everyone who has a job needs to be able to deal with different situations and relate well to others. Personal Empowerment is a paid training program to help people acquire and maintain these soft interpersonal social skills.


Some people like to try different work experiences to help them understand what certain jobs are like. CIP’s internship experiences are designed to teach new skills.

Job Development

Our end goal is community based employment. Our staff works with your budget and other funds. They are experts in the field of job placement.

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