Getting the help you need for a family member can be complicated and often frustrating. Sometimes it’s hard to even know what kind of support you need, or even what’s possible. We’ve been working with families for over forty years, and we can help you navigate the system. Our staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to our mission – to help people with disabilities pursue their personal dreams and goals.

Our Approach Focuses on Your Family Member

Our goal is to provide the support people need to be included in their community. We understand that you are an expert on your family member’s strengths and challenges. Even though we provide a range of services for people with varying needs and abilities, we take pride in getting to know each person. This “person-centered” approach is the basis of what we do and how we do it.

Most of what we do is funded by public dollars, so we work closely with county agencies and insurance companies. If you are just starting to look, consider checking with your local county social services agency, since they can help you determine eligibility for specific programs.

To learn more about what Community Involvement Programs has to offer, please explore the website:

We offer still more services and supports. To see a full list, visit the How We Can Help section.