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Your help matters. Every share via email or Facebook raises an average of $18 more dollars for CIP! It’s easy to share this information too. Simply select the way you’d like to share the story of Gail, Alex and Rambo or simply share a link to CIP’s Give to the Max Day page: https://www.givemn.org/organization/Community-Involvement-Programs/.

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If you’d like to make extra sure that your Facebook friends are notified about the opportunity to support Community Involvement Programs during our Give to the Max campaign, try setting up an event on Facebook and inviting them! Make sure it’s on or before Give to the Max Day, November 16 though.

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Just letting your friends know that you are supporting us will help Community Involvement Programs out.

I just supported Community Involvement Programs with a donation to support people to live their greatest lives!  I stand with CIP for #GTMD17.  Please join me at: http://bit.ly/cipgtmd

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Community Involvement Programs is a wonderful organization I support.   Please join me in giving to support people to live their greatest lives!  CIP is participating in Give to the Max this year on November 16th.  I stand with CIP for #GTMD17.  You can make a donation any time here: http://bit.ly/cipgtmd

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I just made a donation to Community Involvement Programs! Please support innovation people with disabilities? #GTMD17 @CIPMNHelsp http://bit.ly/cipgtm

I stand with people who have disabilities. Join me! RT! #GTMD17 @CIPMNHelps http://bit.ly/cipgtmd

CIP helps people with disabilities find fulfilling work! I support them, and you should too. #GTMD17 @CIPMNHelps http://bit.ly/cipgtmd