At Community Involvement Programs (CIP) we provide a range of mental health services to adults with severe and persistent mental health problems. Our services are designed to promote wellness and recovery, with an emphasis on psychiatric rehabilitation.

Psychiatric rehabilitation focuses on using a person’s strengths to develop coping strategies to address challenges in problem solving, social interactions, and daily living. Each program participant works with a team to develop a support plan and identifies services that will address his or her needs.

Home Health Services

This support option provides participants with help in their own homes. A nurse visits the participant on a regular basis to assist with medication management and education, and to assess the participant’s mental health and stability.

How can I learn more

For more information about Home Health Services contact Jennifer Anderson, Home Health Nurse Administrator at 612-362-4434 or You may also download a copy of our Home Health Referral Form and fax completed form to 612-547-0556