Community Engagement Services

A woman volunteers to pick up litter in a local park.

Community Involvement Programs’ (CIP) Community Engagement Services connect adults who have disabilities or mental illness with opportunities to be involved and be of service in the community; an important part of living their greatest lives.

CIP always has a variety of things for people to do, such as volunteering, exercise classes, and experiences where people can learn new skills.  The options change based on people’s input, interests and availability.  That way, the people we serve can look forward to new opportunities to go out, connect with people, learn and have fun.  CIP provides services that are completely community-based, which affords the greatest number of opportunities for people to be active participants in and contributors to the regular flow of community life.

Have questions about our Community Engagement Services programming?

We’d love to hear from you. Contact Shauna Cropsey, CES Manager, at  612-353-4595 ext. 107  or