Customized Job Development

After individuals have identified where their skills, interests, and resources align, it’s time to explore what job opportunities exist in the community. Community Involvement Programs will work to negotiate with local business to customize existing positions.

Linking Customized Discovery and Job Development

During the customized discovery process, employment consultants may arrange informational meetings with business owners/operators in occupations that are related to the job seeker’s areas of interest and skills to facilitate connections between the individuals with whom they work and the business people. Informational meetings can provide useful information about a particular Vocational Theme™ or may result in warm leads to other business owners who may provide additional insight into a particular field or occupation.

Customized job development uses an interest- and skills-based negotiation between the job seeker and the employer. It is person-centered and is completed by one person at a time. Customized job development seeks the best possible conditions of employment for each individual and may result in negotiated jobs, job creation, job carving, resource ownership, and/or self-employment.

Vocational Themes is a trademarked strategy of Griffin-Hammis Associates, LLC

Traditional Job Development

In traditional job development, once an Individualized Career Planning Profile has been developed, an employment consultant works with the individual and his or her team to explore possible employment opportunities. This job development strategy relies heavily on networks and partnerships, so we use a team approach to engage the individual and those involved in this very active process. Job development is unique to each individual but may include informational interviews, business tours and developing employment proposals for specific businesses.

The traditional job development process may also include participating in job interviews with businesses. When a job offer is made, the employment consultant will negotiate specific employment supports. Once a job offer has been accepted, an employment consultant will communicate work-related details with the individual’s team and will facilitate the individual’s transition into the job.

Have questions about our job development services?

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