On-the-Job Training & Support

Once a person has been hired, we focus our efforts on job retention by assisting with on-the-job training in ways that make the most sense for each individual.

Learning the Ropes

Employment consultants provide support and consultation to the businesses and direct supervisors during the orientation and initial training period. Assistance is provided when needed to develop instructional methods that accommodate the each employee’s unique learning style.

Community Involvement Programs supports the employee by making sure the person has a thorough introduction to the job and learns about the job in the most typical ways possible. On-the-job training includes establishing the necessary supports and communication to promote long-term employment.

Supporting Individuals in an Evolving Workplace

Once an individual is employed, we provide on-going support and consultation to both the employee and employer to facilitate a positive employment relationship. Support to the employee includes periodic visits to discuss job performance and satisfaction. This can take place on the job, at the employee’s home, or over the phone. It also includes additional on-the-job support when needed to learn new job tasks or a new position. On-going support may also include help resolving work-related concerns.

Consultation with the employer is another key component of on-going support. This might include regularly scheduled meetings with the individual’s manager or supervisor. We can also assist with diversity awareness training for the business’s employees and provide assistance with developing instructional strategies that will benefit the individual and other employees.

Employer expectations, environments and positions can change. We take proactive steps to help employees and the businesses where they work to navigate difficult times. When needed, we will support re-training as well as additional training if the job changes.

Have questions about our on-the-job training and support?

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