Family Services

Cute photo of a mother and son with disabilities and the family dog.Community Involvement Programs (CIP) provides assistance to individuals using consumer directed options. Choosing consumer directed options allows an individual with intellectual disabilities, traumatic brain injury or severe and persistent mental illness, to choose who will will assist them with their services and supports, and how much to pay them.

Although it means more responsibility, it offers you greater freedom of choice over who provides your services and how.

Our Philosophy and Approach

Our approach to Family Services is person-centered, and our goal is to empower participants, and their family members and supporters to use their resources to make informed decisions. Our Family Services Program staff can help you manage the financial aspects of consumer directed services as an employer of record. We also work with individuals who are interested in exploring innovative, non-traditional options to their support plans.

Most services are funded by the Medicaid Waiver programs. Some options are funded by Consumer Support Grants. Private pay may be an option under unique circumstances. For information about funding options, contact your local county human services agency.

Explore Our Family Service Options

We currently provide the following as a part of Family Services:

Please note, as of 3/1/17, we no longer provider the following service: