Independent Living Skills From Community Involvement Programs

Support, Training, Assistance, and Supervision

The mission of Independent Living Skills (ILS) is to empower participants to take on more responsibility for day-to-day living. We provide support, training, assistance and even supervision to help participants achieve their goals of self-reliance.

For some people living with a serious mental illness, getting through everyday errands and routines can be a challenge. Support for learning and maintaining everyday independent living skills is the focus of our ILS services.

To support the acquisition, retention, maintenance, and improvement of a participant’s community living skills, we provide staff-intensive, instructional services to address identified skill development needs. Services may be provided in the participant’s home or surrounding community settings used by the general public.

In order to be eligible for ILS services, the individual must have a CADI (Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals). Waivered services provide a community alternative to individuals who would otherwise require the level of care provided in a nursing facility. For information about the waiver, contact your local county public health or social service agency.



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