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replace_missionAt Community Involvement Programs (CIP), our mission and vision, both for the people we serve but also our organization, guide everything that we do. If you’re considering our services for yourself or someone you care for, our mission and vision will give you a better understanding of the values that inform our work.

Our Mission at Community Involvement Programs

As listeners, learners, and leaders, we will stand with and support people who have disabilities in their communities as they pursue their personal dreams and goals.

The Vision We Share with the People We Support

  • Each individual will experience a quality of life defined by personal preferences, cultural identity and informed choices.
  • Individuals will participate as citizens, contributing to the life of their neighborhoods and communities by the work they do, the relationships they develop, and the interests they share.
  • People will be known for their talents, abilities, and interests rather than their deficits, disability, or difficulties.

Each person’s network of relationships will include family, friends, and others who care about the person.

Our Vision for the Organization

  • We will respond as listeners, learners, and leaders by listening to the people we support, learning from them what we need to do so that their lives are self-determined rather than agency-prescribed, and leading community efforts so that people reach their personal goals.
  • We will build collaborative relationships with human service networks and within the community at large.
  • We will be innovative and embrace change; we will take risks as appropriate to advance our mission.
  • We will value our employees as essential to realizing our vision and commit to providing the compensation, training and support necessary to maintain a professional workforce.

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