Support Planning From Community Involvement Programs

Person-Centered Practices for Personal Support

Our staff use their knowledge with resources, advocacy, and person-centered practices to offer individuals support with the development of their CDCS plans.

A CDCS or community support plan is developed so a person can use community supports. Individuals are required to develop their own plan or have a program or agency like CIP work with them to develop their plan. The process of developing the CDCS plan is person-centered.

How We Develop Our Plans

At Community Involvement Programs (CIP), we use person-centered planning, what we believe to be the best way to create a support plan. During person-centered planning, our team would consider:

  • Areas of a participant’s life that she or he would like to change for the better
  • What kind of help they might need to accomplish this
  • What other needs do they have now
  • What would be the best way to meet those needs

Based on the answers to these and other questions, the community support plan is developed in a collaborative process. The final plan will include details, such as:

  • Who will provide the services
  • Qualifications and training requirements for support workers
  • How much support workers will be paid
  • What goods are going to be purchased
  • An emergency back-up plan

Support planners at CIP are experienced professionals who are seasoned in person-centered planning approaches. Our support planners can help you develop the plan, complete the required paperwork, develop the detailed budget and submit your plan for approval. Unfortunately, Community Involvement Programs cannot provide support planning services along with other related services to the same individual.



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