Supported Living Partnership From Community Involvement Programs

Day-To-Day Living Support

CIP offers a supported living partnership (SLP), where individuals are assisted with daily living tasks in their supported housing homes. 

Individuals are supported by staff who work in the homes and community with the participant to support day-to-day living, within Hennepin County. SLP homes generally have two to four individuals living in them. Staff help with tasks like cooking, cleaning, chores, yard work, and help encourage a sense of community within the homes.

How can Supported Living Partnerships be helpful?

Through this program, staff meet regularly with individuals to help them with shopping, paying bills, budgeting, and accessing community resources. People supported by the program also get help developing and maintaining relationships with friends and neighbors. Several small self-advocacy and interest groups receive ongoing support from staff as part of the services that we provide.

Special funding is available to some participants.

The program is funded by SILS (Semi-independent Living Services) and the Medicaid waiver.



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