Who We Are

Community Involvement Programs (CIP) is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit that offers a variety of services for individuals with intellectual/developmental disability and/or serious persistent mental illness living in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, and Pine County, MN. Our mission is to stand with and support people with disabilities in their communities as they pursue their personal dreams and goals.

We’re able to do the work that we do because of the tremendous community that makes up this organization — both the participants and staff within the organization and our supporters without. Take a moment to learn about who these people are, and the unique contributions that each group brings to CIP.

Program Participants

Our program participants are the heart of what we do at CIP. These men and women are individuals who have been diagnosed with intellectual disability or severe and persistent mental illness, or have survived a traumatic brain injury. Despite the challenges they experience, these men and women seek to live full, active lives where they are empowered to achieve their personal goals and dreams.

Those who use CIP services are called “participants” instead of “clients” because these women and men are not passive recipients of services, but active agents seeking to experience a quality of life defined by their own preferences, cultural identity and informed choices. With the support of CIP, participants contribute to the life of their neighborhoods and communities by the work they do, the relationships they develop, and the interests they share.

Supporters & Family Members

Without the support of family and community members, it would be very difficult for CIP to do the work that it does to stand with and support women and men with disabilities. Supporters lend us a hand in many ways by supporting their own friends and loved ones, and by volunteering, signing up to receive Action Alerts, or donating to CIP. Regardless of the size of the contribution individuals can make, we know that each one helps make a difference. You’re invited to learn more about what you can do to stand with and support people with disabilities.


As staff members at CIP, we seek to respond to our participants as listeners, learners, and leaders by listening to the people who access our services, learning from them what we need to do so that their lives are self-determined rather than agency-prescribed, and leading community efforts so that people reach their personal goals.

We build collaborative relationships with human service networks and within the community at large, and endeavor to be innovative and embrace change when it advances our mission. At CIP, staff members are recognized for the central role as collaborators with program participants, we are given opportunities for professional development to help us maintain a high level of professionalism and service. You can find contact information for CIP’s leadership team here.

Board Members

Some of our board members have loved ones who are participants at CIP. Others are current or former professionals who have worked in this sector. Regardless of their history and experiences, all board members are committed to the mission and vision of CIP. The board meets monthly and makes important decisions about the governance of the organization. You can learn more about CIP’s board and view a list of all of its members here.

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